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Jesus Loves You

In the summer of 2006, more than 10,000 Christian fundamentalists from all over the world travelled to the World Cup in Germany - not to enjoy soccer, but to bring the Christian faith back to Europe.
By focusing on the actions of four of the missionaries from the United States, Kenya and Germany, "Jesus Loves You" reveals the gripping stories at the frontlines of the modern fundamentalist evangelical movement, which is turning into a worldwide battle between religious fundamentalism and conflicting worldviews.


Disgustingly Healthy -
Leeches and Maggots

Our two-part series “Disgustingly Healthy” tells the story of the riveting rise, the dramatic fall, and the surprising renaissance of the leech and the maggot in western medicine. It also tells of the centuries old love-hate relationship between man and these little monsters – a liaison alternating between attraction and disgust.

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Fisher of Men

„I don't know why we didn't see it before, but New York City is the perfect place to become the Jesus center of the world” says Scott Rourk, a pastor of the Southern Baptist faith.
Will New York City, also home to Hinduism, Islam, Catholicism, and Judaism, readily give up its melting- pot identity to follow a unifying Evangelical religious call?

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Is Europe going to Hell?

Evangelikale Gruppierungen aus den USA sind weltweit auf dem Vormarsch. Diese "wiedergeborenen" Christen stehen für konservative Überzeugungen wie die Ablehnung von Abtreibungen und die Forderung nach vorehelicher Enthaltsamkeit. Außerdem glauben sie an die baldige Wiederkehr Jesu und die bevorstehende Entscheidungsschlacht von Armageddon. In der Dynamik der politischen Ereignisse seit den Anschlägen des 11. September erkennen sie die Zeichen ihrer Verheißung. Ausgehend von den USA tragen ihre Missionare die wörtlich verstandene Botschaft der Bibel in die entlegensten Gegenden der Erde. Zunehmend auch nach Mitteleuropa.

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Human Capital -
The Employment Trade

Chamila Alvis from Sri Lanka, Volker Nebelung and Dirk Wagner from Germany and Paul Lockmiller from the USA are going through similar phases in the global employment placement process: No matter which side they are on, where they come from, or how much money they have, they are but stocks in the employment stockmarket. And they are discovering something particularly threatening as they speculate or as they are speculated upon: their feelings.

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Merry Christmas!

Documentary making doesn’t necessarily mean going to far away, to foreign places. We dared to film our own families as one person teams. We chose the only fixed family date: Christmas eve. To document the family and to be oneself part of this family - we considered this dual role to be a particular challenge”.
A family documentary from R. Cibis, P. Hadwiger, S. Ko and S. Senn.


Half a Chance?

After the big failure of German films in France “Halbe Treppe” tries to have a small success…A short documentary about the situation of the German Cinema in France.


I love me,
I love me not

Self-love and self-hatred among artists. Every artistic pursuit is one of self discovery; this expression is never neutral but full of emotion.


Temps forts

Stars and starlets in Cannes. These films show the stars' hells and heavens but also wander behind the scenes so that we see the sets being put up and taken down.



Bodily remembrances. Is Cora the same lonely maiden from the past? Do earlier experiences exert an influence upon her body, her sexuality?


Grandma Maertens

From Brazil to Mecklenburg. An 81 year old woman returns home. „How often and radical can a life from one day to another change”.



Supermerle is DJane, a Techno-DJ in Berlin. She plays music at events of the independent scene in the dilapidated houses of East Berlin.


Omen - 15 Hours of Tekkno

Friday evening, Frankfurt, Discotheque Omen, Sven Värth, Frank Lorber and thousand of Dancers. Lust for Life! The Film explains nothing, describes nothing- it’s Tekkno.



Passion, crime, incestuous desires- the end of a world.


Time is racing by

Three friends are talking about sex and love. The conversation starts on fears associated with sexuality, then deals with shame and violence and concludes by sketching a sort of utopia.


Letter of March 10th

With this project we tried to mix the common and the personal between us…To correspond seemed to be a good means to get to know each other better.


Clemi escapes

Clemi travels to Italy in one more attempt at evading her dull everyday life. There she meets Fabio...


Smaller Talk

Anel falls in love with his old gay friend Tommi but is afraid of physical and intellectual contact with him. He is struggling to surmount it.


Which Film

After all-night-partying the last silhouettes are on the dance floor of a night club. Alena rings on the door: she was taking some fresh air as she was suffering from the effects of alcohol. At the entrance, she has a break-down…



Shaking hands is a ritual. What happens when we run across ourselves?


Who is Lili?

Portraying oneself through other people's eyes.


The German Lunchtable

Post-war time. A family is arguing.


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