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  More than individuals.

We love teamwork. The creative input from
others brings us forwards. Our backgrounds
compliment each other. We have a journalistic,
scientific or artistic education. Spontaneity
meets planning. Curiosity meets experience.
Pictures meet content. Our films are bound up energy.



Lilian Franck

I have been producing and directing films for the international market for the past ten years.  In 2003 Robert Cibis and I were the recipients of the German-French journalists’ "Next Generation“ prize. Our documentary film "Human Capital“ was sold in five countries. "PianoMania“ is my second feature length cinema film, after "Jesus loves You".

My film education took place at the Film Academy in Baden Württemberg, Germany, the Grande Ecole Le Fresnoy – Studio national des arts contemporains in Paris and within the framework of the Discovery Campus Masterschool.




Robert Cibis

I am a producer and director of documentary and theatrical films.  Michaela Kirst and I were awarded the Ekotopfilm 2007 prize for our two-part documentary film "Disgustingly Healthy“. Lately I was working on "PianoMania“, a feature length documentary. I studied European film production in the Masterclass of the German-French Film Academy at the Femis, in Paris and at the Film Academy in Baden-Württemberg after having previously studied the Art and Science of Film in Rome and received a Master’s degree at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris.

photos by Robert CIBIS



Marina Haake
Production Accountant

Since 2009 I have been responsible for OVAL´s finance management and financial control. Working for OVAL has brought me back to my roots. In the framework of a workshop, I have assisted in the production of documentaries in the past. I graduated from Film Management and have a background in broadcasting, as well as international experience in film business. In 1985 I received the “Fernsehpreis” (television award) of the DFF (television broadcaster in East Germany) in production for the film “Die Weihnachtsklempner". In addition to my enthusiasm in film, I have sung on stage as a soloist for more than 20 years. Click here to visit my personal website.




Dorota Lech
Development, Marketing and Licensing

Originally from Poland, I completed an M.A. in Political Science at McGill University in Montreal. I play a strong role on project development and marketing. As Sales Executive, I license rights to distributors worldwide for OVALfilm and maintain alliances with partners including co-producers, financiers and other supporters. It is my goal to make our films and topics accessible to a wide variety of audiences through the use of diverse platforms. More broadly, I am interested in using filmmaking as a vehicle and support for social justice.




Daria Janke
Director's & Production Assistant

My task is to coordinate our projects in terms of organization, team and content. I am also responsible for the administration and take care of the equipment rental OVAL Technik GbR.
Furthermore, I support the distribution of our films as well as the company accounting.







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